About Us

Wild Irish captures and preserves the beauty of the Irish countryside in its wildflowers and prose. Wildflowers including rosebay, willow, herb, fuschia and heather are gathered in the Co. Wicklow foothills.

After picking, the flowers are preserved naturally by well-proven methods to eliminate moisture whilst retaining colour, shape and texture. This lengthy process complete, the flowers are arranged by hand and preserved in a variety of frames. The natural affinity of flowers with wood is apparent in the setting of these arrangements in our range of traditional pine frames. Wild Irish poetry verses include popular Irish poems, seanfhocail and proverbs as well as a range of occasional verse and short sayings.

Wherever you are in the world, your Wild Irish gift will evoke memories of the Irish countryside in full bloom – the first primrose heralding the spring, hedgerows white with cow parsley, mountains purple with heather. Wild Irish gifts are truly natural mementos of the land of their origin – wild and Irish.

Wild Irish is now is over 30 years old. This original handcrafted product was established in 1980 by the late Dympna Kelly and her family.

Some years ago husband & wife team, Joe & Mary O’Brien and their three children have taken over the running of Wild Irish. Operations have moved 2km to just outside the picturesque Village of Shillelagh, where Joe & Mary have been running a successful wood craft business (Justwood) for the past number of years.

By retaining the original craft people Wild Irish’s quality and attention to detail has been maintained.

The Process

Pressing is still done the traditional way. Flowers, leaves, grasses are picked while dry, placed between blotting paper and these are then laired between newspapers in a timber press. The presses are then tightened by means of four bolts in each corner, and left In a dry warm environment for a minimum of three weeks.


Layout, size and colouring of Flowers and Glasses will vary!
Time to time shading on may vary!